Here at JR Classics Ltd we care about preserving cars – your cars. No matter its age, make or value we treat your pride and joy with the same care and attention that you do.

The damaging effects of rust

We provide a complete rustproofing service to protect your vehicle from the damaging and expensive effects of rust. From undersealing to complete cavity wax injection treatments, all our treatments give you the piece of mind that your car is well protected. Our aim is to maintain your cars condition and value for years to come.

Rust is a serious issue both aesthetically and safety wise. If your car has structural rust it could fail its M.O.T or worse! It is a major threat to cars on British roads yet is probably the least thought about. If you cannot see the damage being done it is easy to forget about it – until it is too late or extremely expensive to fix. With the long, cold, wet winters and salt gritted roads, rust can ruin a car from the inside out in as little as a few years.

There is one reason for having your car rustproofed – to prevent corrosion. There are many reasons why cars need protective treatments. The protective coating applied by car manufacturers is effective, but only for several years. This coating needs to be reapplied periodically in order to keep rust away. The coatings used on classic cars (if applied at all) is nowhere near as effective as todays and will have disintegrated and worn away by now. Cars imported from places like Japan are not protected in the same way as cars built for use in wetter climates like ours and are therefore more susceptible to corrosion. Following accident damage many cars have panels replaced and painted but not treated with protective coatings. The biggest factor in a cars value is the condition of its bodywork.

What is Rustproofing?

There are several ways to protect against rust. Here at JR Classics Ltd we provide the most effective and recognized method. Cavity wax injection is the process by which a rust inhibiting, waterproof, waxy solution is sprayed inside every box section of a vehicle. If the cavity wax coating is scratched then the self healing properties enable it to creep back over the scratch and reseal it. The rust inhibiting molecules cling to the metal surfaces like a magnet and remain active indefinitely, unlike other products available.

A durable protective solution is also applied to the underbody. This provides a protective barrier against moisture. Without moisture corrosion cannot occur. The inhibitors contained in the solutions also halt the progression of existing surface rust. Unlike traditional old fashioned bitumen based underseals, our underseal does not fully dry out and therefore will not crack and lift away allowing the ingress of water. The danger with old fashioned bitumen type underseal is that at a glance it can appear to be sound, when in fact it could be doing more harm than good.

The image below shows a chassis that had been undersealed many years ago with bitumen based underseal. It looked ok until closer inspection revealed that although the old underseal was in place it had lifted away and let water in, holding it against the chassis. Once removed it revealed hidden rust which had been getting steadily worse without the owners knowledge.

Hidden rust revealed after removing old, cracked Bitumen type underseal!

The most important aspect of rustproofing is the application of the cavity wax. The product is only as good as the manner in which it is applied. Every surface must be covered (with just the right amount of product) in order to provide protection. Poorly applied cavity wax or a half-hearted job can leave a car more prone to rust than it was before! Our equipment injects the waxoyl at high pressure producing a fine mist that enables it to reach every last crevice. With our specialist equipment we can achieve a result that ‘home application kits’ can’t possibly get close to.

After - an attractive, even, weather-proof, rust inhibiting & durable coating

Here at JR Classics we use the well known, most recognised, tried & tested brand of cavity wax WAXOYL. Manufactured here in Britain, Waxoyl has been the favourite choice for car enthusiasts for decades. There are other excellent products available of course, such as DINITROL or DYNAX for example, which we are more than happy to use - so if you have a particular brand of product you want using instead just let us know.

‚ÄčWe also offer a complete Valet service to keep your pride & joy looking its best. Here at JR Classics we do all our valeting the old fashioned way – by hand. We don’t use any harsh power tools on your paintwork, just lots of care and elbow grease! So whether it’s a quick wash and a wax or a complete interior & exterior makeover you know it will be done carefully and impeccably. Take a look at our competitive valeting rates.  

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